Ray Allen is Entitled and Shouldn’t Care What You Think!

The term “free agent” has lost its true value, its luster, and in the midst, lost the human rights that come along with it. The Boston Celtics did not draft Ray Allen from UConn (University of Conneticut) in 1996. Niether did they help land him a role in the Spike Lee film “He Got Game” playing as Jesus Shuttlesworth. My point being is that Ray Allen is not entitled to remain with the Celtics as much as LeBron was entitled to remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Allen was an acquistion from the Seattle Supersonics, formerly known as the Oklahoma City Thunder five years ago.

The problem I have with this situation is that people are emotionally tied into their sports team and refuse to mix logic into the equation. No one considers the atmosphere in the Celtics locker room as a deciding factor to Allen’s decision. Most coaches can admit to having difficulty handling mega-ego’s, but players have a threshold. If its true that Allen couldn’t handle the persona of Rajon Rondo, then that’s a Boston Celtic problem. Moreover, if Allen couldn’t take commands from his younger breathren, then can it be explained why he would sign a contract with the Miami Heat? Wade is 30 years of age, LeBron and Bosh, 27-28? Its a personnel issue among the Boston Celtics. If Rajon Rondo is a difficult teammate, management has to determine if he is an intricate part of the organization.

The Celtic organization believed they could’ve kept Ray Allen after signing Jason Terry. Idiotic. Pointless. The signing of Ray Allen is more ammo if not the straw that broke the camels back for Allen to sign with the Heat. The Heat are the preemptive favorites to win it all with the addition of Allen. Furthermore, I can truly say that Allen will make out better with the Heat because James’ ability to find the open man.

I tweeted this earlier after hearing the erroneous statement from Skip Bayless:


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