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Frank Ocean, do you really care?

If I tell you that I care about the news that has taken social media by storm then I would be a liar. The fact that Frank Ocean decided to step out of closet probably has him visiting whether he should step back into the closet and hide. If fans didn’t like his music, would this be a topic/issue? Furthermore, have the signs of his sexual nature always been ingratiated in his music? On his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape, the track “We All Try” he addressed that love isn’t between man and woman, but between love and love.

Don’t know if this is the official video but profound nonetheless.

I tend to have a strong opinion and my thoughts are based on personal experience along with pure ignorance, however, I’ve come to accept the homosexual behaviors in the world. At times, I’ve fallen victim to homophobic tendencies, and my reactionary responses are similar to that of Martin when he becomes sicken of Pamela James buckshots and breath. I’ve matured. It’ll still take time to accept male relationships.

I’m a contrarian! Nothing sounds right or holds weight at first listen.

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