Frank Ocean, do you really care?

If I tell you that I care about the news that has taken social media by storm then I would be a liar. The fact that Frank Ocean decided to step out of closet probably has him visiting whether he should step back into the closet and hide. If fans didn’t like his music, would this be a topic/issue? Furthermore, have the signs of his sexual nature always been ingratiated in his music? On his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape, the track “We All Try” he addressed that love isn’t between man and woman, but between love and love.

Don’t know if this is the official video but profound nonetheless.

I tend to have a strong opinion and my thoughts are based on personal experience along with pure ignorance, however, I’ve come to accept the homosexual behaviors in the world. At times, I’ve fallen victim to homophobic tendencies, and my reactionary responses are similar to that of Martin when he becomes sicken of Pamela James buckshots and breath. I’ve matured. It’ll still take time to accept male relationships.

I’m a contrarian! Nothing sounds right or holds weight at first listen.

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Kendrick Lamar – HiiiPower

No clue that the track was produced by J.Cole

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Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis

“If you the shit then I decline”

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Summertime Blues, NBA?!

I decided to start this blog off of mere boredom and a way to express my thoughts freely, uncensored, and unequivocally not give a f*!@ what anyone thinks. Hence, the name of the blog, “Vain’s Opine”. During my brief days of my online magazine and constant articles with various websites, I found it quite amusing that I needed to update my site every five minutes a story broke just to get constant visits. I thought it was fascinating, yet challenging, recanting was never an option then. I look back at it now and think that a promoting a my personality would’ve been more of successful and a direct hit, but that was then and this is now!

Disregard the aberrational rant, and let’s focus on the NBA free agency and the potential contracts that average players are getting because of hype rather need. Some teams may consider offering C-Level players a contract worth $40 Million for 4-5 years. This rumor circulated around twitter, but may hold more weight than Dwight Howard heading to L.A. The heralded player, Jeremy Lin, is the player on the other side of that $8-$10million a year contract. Really?!! Lin is a product of a three week hyperbole that swept the country by storm, and when teams decided to take him a little bit seriously, couldn’t manifest the same hype. Lin’s handle is shaky at best. I would rather a team sign him to a $40 million contract which 75% of it is for marketing purposes.

In 2010, Joe Johnson was given a max contract by the Atlanta Hawks and at the time the consensus was that he was overpaid and was pretty much another Rashard Lewis. If you remember Orlando rewarded Lewis with a max contract several years ago and both of these players haven’t lifted their teams past the second round in the playoffs. Orlando has regressed and found it difficult to sign players that would allow them to become formidable in the East.

The highest paid players in the league should be superstars and players who make a huge difference in the organization. There are only a few players under that category…….and they have championship rings that allows my argument to hold weight. Before this becomes a Brooklyn Net bash session, lets think about whether acquiring Dwight Howard after signing D Will, and trading for Joe Johnson is a formula for success. Is Avery Johnson the right coach? Can Dwight Howard handle the pressure? We know what Joe Johnson will do, but does he really make a difference? Honestly, can anyone see them beating the Celtics or Heat? No.

The Lakers are the team to beat in the West. I’m pro-Laker and even though their offseason has been as inept as the last two playoff seasons, hope still remains.

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